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In 1886 William Wolfskill died, and his son Luis assumed ownership of Rancho Santa Anita.With increasing stability, land prices rose to lucrative levels, and Luis further subdivided the ranch to gain maximum profits.Established Men connects young beautiful women with successful men.

With a businessman’s determintion and a farm boy’s enthusiasm, he set about to make his investment pay, and in doing so fulfilled the bright promise so many before him had also seen in the “fairy spot of the Valley.” ca. 1800 Rancho Santa Anita is established as an agricultural outpost of Mission San Gabriel.

Baldwin Lake, which served as a holding reservoir for ranch irrigation projects, was dredged and deepened, perhaps 12-15 feet, by owner Baldwin in the late 1880s, and a retaining wall, capped by granite boulders, was constructed around the lake edge.

“Baldwin’s Belvedere,” today known as the Queen Anne Cottage, was built in 1885 on a peninsula jutting out into the horseshoe-shaped lake; the springs that feed the lake are located in both the north and south inlets.

Scarcely two years after he received full title (1845), however, the quixotic Reid found himself tired of life as a ranchero and on the brink of insolvency.

Rancho Santa Anita was purchased by Reid’s friend and Rancho Azusa neighbor, Henry Dalton.

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